by hollytannen

9 April, 2013.

James Ball interned with WikiLeaks for three minutes in 2010. He now writes for The Guardian, better known as The Grauniad, the paper that misspells its own name.

This week WL published its Public Library of United States Documents. It includes a comment  made by Henry Kissinger:

“I used to say. . .‘The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.’ But since the Freedom of Information Act, I’m afraid to say things like that.”

Ball’s column, which appeared the next day,  was entitled Do We Need WikiLeaks Any More?

“Your spell worked! Seen the Graun?” Emma hollered into the mobile.

“Which spell, sweetie?” asked Sophie.

“You said you and the gurlz were gonna cast a spell on Jaime Cojón. He’d think he was writing rationally, but everything he wrote would be gobbledygook.

“He told Fluke Hardon:

‘Before WikiLeaks, I used to say, ‘The irrelevant we do immediately. The unintelligible takes a little longer.’ But since WikiLeaks, I’m afraid to say things like that.”

“We didn’t do it, Em. We boiled the cauliflower and put it on the stoop to cool. Little Fudgie ate it.”