by hollytannen

Pricilla, the receptionist, is the most important person in the (Ecuadorian) Embassy. She…has to cope with the mountain of mail that now arrives for their guest. Each post brings more books and presents and food.

“And teeth,” Pricilla adds. “Animal teeth.”

– From At Home With Julian Assange, by Becky Milligan, BBC News Magazine, 22 October



“He got the teeth!” Gertie shouted. “Call Sophie.”

“No need,” said Maud, without looking up from her laptop. “She googles ‘Assange’ every thirty seconds. You did include the instructions?”

“What instructions?” said Gertie.

Maud put her head on the keyboard and sighed. “I hope he appreciates what it took to get those.”

“I put my back out climbing the fence.”

“You dropped the pliers twice,” said Maud.

“I got scared when it roared.”

“ ‘Courage is not the absence of fear,’  Maud quoted. “ ‘Courage is the intellectual mastery of fear.’ ”


NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS POST except Little Fudgie, who stubbed his toe on the  fence.